From March through June, this is one of the best destinations for backcountry riding in Colorado.

I recommend everybody make at least 1 trip here as soon as they can. Mount Holy Cross, Cross Couloir - Absorka Range, MT. "Rocky," as locals call it, hides dozens of stashes, most of them technical and challenging, so hiring a local guide increases your chances of finding the goods on the right day. Quandary Peak - Cristo Couloir - ski/snowboard descent 6/1/2015 480 views Jun 6, 2015 3 Dislike Share Skiing Fiddler 725 subscribers Andy Reiner and Molly Krumholz ascend and descend the Cristo.

Cristo Couloir: Ted, Matt Hannon: Trip Report . The North Gullies are for advanced skiers, with a steep, narrow chute that has few escape options. Yesterday we finally got to ski the Cristo Couloir off the south side of the summit. . Towering 14,000-foot peaks, steep chutes, moderate glade skiing, it's all there in one of the most scenic national parks on the continent. Baker Backcountry. The ski out was fun though a bit chopped up. Lauren Macklin. Belford: Northwest Couloir. No TR. Recently, one particular line, the NW Couloir, has been gaining widespread attention. Ski Descent of the Cristo Couloir by Dan Allen: 05/18/2014.

Date Skied: 4/20/06: Route: Landry Line: Other Descents: Video Version 38 Snowmass Mountain-East Face 219 Cristo Couloir SKI LINE. The great part of skiing the Pearl is you get a real big mountain descent that goes at very manageable 45 degrees in a beautiful high alpine setting. Find Nearby Zones *All Mapped Areas are Approximations. Lauren found her drive to play in the mountains at an early age, where she spent her winters ski racing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Contact: Nat Patridge - 307-690-1769. It is a popular ski mountaineering descent in the spring climbing season (April through June, depending on weather and snow conditions). We were able to ski straight off the summit, and headed back down the ridge . The bottom of the couloir was casual aside from an ice step that was about 8 feet tall and beyond my ability to huck on carbon skis in stiff conditions. 1347.9724 ft . The North Couloir, AKA Quandary Couloir, is also an expert-only line. The first third of the Snake Couloir goes straight up the side of Mt. Vesper Peak is a popular spring tour, ascending the eastern slabs to the summit. His book includes some of our favorites like The Pfifferhorns NW couloir, The East couloir on Kessler, and Monte Cristo's Edge of the World to Directissimo. The descent offers a long gully ski followed by a wide basin down to the lake. Despite it's heinous looking traverse out the bottom, I headed out this morning to ski the Lightning Bolt Couloir. Start as for the North Mount Elbert trail and veer onto the face from around treeline. Difficult. This intro to couloirs and descents will teach you how to jump turn, how to control your speed, and how to confidently ski tougher lines. 30 min break for lunch . . Shasta Avalanche Gulch, Quandary Peak Cristo Couloir Finisher, Run Rabbit Run 100-mile, Hellbender 100, Bighorn Trail Run 100

But, again, the Cristo Couloir remained on the list, begging to be checked off. Mount Rainier Backcountry. Inter Glacier Climb & Ski Descent via Glacier Basin . +. Ned Randolph- Monte Cristo Chute, Utah. The other slopes of the peak are steep and appeal to expert backountry skiers, such as the Cristo Couloir ski mountaineering route. Thus, it was easy to rate route difficulty based on slope angle alone, as is done with the S System (see end of this page). Distance 1.8 km Ascent 0 m Descent 972 m Duration 0-1 hrs Low Point 2.4 km High Point 3.4 km Gradient 53 When you tip at windmills, sometimes the windmill wins. Ski Descent of the Cristo Couloir by Dan Allen: 05/18/2014. 5: 2022-05-12. Find Nearby Zones *All Mapped Areas are Approximations. The Cristo rings in at an impressive 2,575' long (almost 1/2 a mile) and averages between 30-34in pitch. Difficult Ski Touring Distance 2 km Ascent 2 m Descent 946 m

Our experienced, AIARE-trained guides will take you to find the hidden powder stashes and big lines that you've always dreamed of. Rank Date Peak Elevation Range Route 101 9/14/13 Niagara Pk 13,807 ft San Juan east ridge 102 9/14/13 American Pk 13,806 ft San Juan west ridge from Jones Mtn 103 9/4/11 Trinity Pk 13,805 ft San Juan Trinity Traverse 104 9/3/11 Arrow Pk 13,803 ft San Juan northeast face 105 9/24/19 "Castleabra" 13,803 ft Elk west face 106 10/6/19 Organ.

At more than 265,000 acres, "Rocky" is full of them. It is a popular ski mountaineering descent in the spring climbing season. From the summit we watched a few others head over to the headwall of Monte Cristo to ski the directissimo line, another descent I've been really wanting to do. . Traversed Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Range and Wyoming's Wind River Range on foot; Bicycled across America; Ran 26.2 miles 52 times in one year; Favorite ski descents: Mt. New route. #44 Cristo Couloir Unclassified Updated: 2017-09-26 Cristo Couloir, Quandary Peak, is a 2,575 ft couloir located on Quandary Peak that stretches from the Blue Lake Dam to the summit at 14,265 ft. If you want to see more ski tours within the Stevens Pass Backcountry check out this link. Highlights Quandary Peak is the highest Colorado 14er in the Tenmile Range, a northern extension of the Mosquito Range. This will prepare you for such lines as The Cristo Couloir on Quandary Peak. On the summit we find the 2 ski teams waiting for snow conditions to improve. Monte Cristo Couloir in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Cristo couloir is normally climbed in spring - early summer when the snow pack has consolidated into a stable mass, and the avalanche danger is low. (via Cristo Couloir) 13 May 2001 - by Rob Mullen. Once at the top of the couloir, there are several ways to the summit. Between the Continental Divide, the Gore Range and the Ten Mile Range, we will find the best tour and conditions for you. We soon topped out to find Greg lounging at the notch. Quandary Peak - Cristo Couloir by ryanbadtke: 04/19/2014. We altered the original WURL, preferring major ski descents like Superior South Face over traversing Patsy Marly, and completely avoided Alta (because they aren't friendly to skiers). Route felt good all the way up, no need for snow shoes. ski descent - Cristo Couloir: 1999-04-20: Mount Lincoln: 14286: ski descent - Cameron Amphitheatre: 1999-04-27: Mount Democrat: 14148: ski descent - West Face: 1999-05-13: Mount Bross: 14172: solo ski descent - Moose Gulch: 1999-05-22: Mount Bierstadt: 14060: solo ski descent- West Ridge: 1999-05-24: Sunshine Peak: 14001: solo ski descent to . 21 sep 2002 Mt Baker, Coleman-Deming ski with Jason and Josh Hummel, WA. 0.6 mi 1.0 km -643 ft Descent -195.96 m Descent. 05 :31 hrs . This picture is Quandary, which lies just South of Breckenridge, taken from the Monte Cristo trailhead. 31 Savage Peak-Savage Couloir 180. Specifically Bancroft East Ridge comes to mind, but I'd like to do others too. . . I left the house at Sometime list winter, I was browsing Caltopo and its new high definition elevation data when a ski line literally jumped off the map to me. But just to the west, there was an obvious 2000 ft splitter couloir, straight as a ruler. . Ski Touring Difficult. The couloir is about 2,500ft of decent and drops you right to the bottom of the mountain near the reservoir. Mount Superior, South Face: Homie powered up this route in just 1h25m, but Derek was feeling the angle and, in his words, "got his butt kicked." Trip Report. The road was melted out to within about 200 yards . This 14,265 foot summit is the 12th tallest mountain in the state and lies in Summit County. Iconic Rocky Mountain skiing among 14,000-foot peaks is only an hour and a half drive away from Denver. 6.5 mi . The Monte Cristo Seven. Timpanogos is so massive and rugged that it truly stands out from any of the other backcountry ski descents around. 37 Little Bear Peak-Hourglass Couloir 212. Peaks: Quandary Peak (sorted/filed as Quandary) . S3- Mt. The "Monte Cristo" Couloir, or Cristo Couloir, is a long popular 40 degree South facing Spring line off of Quandary Peak. After college, she immediately moved to Utah to gain access to a larger mountain range, with a deeper snowpack. Mt. Cristo is a popular spring climb and backcountry ski descent once the snow is consolidated and somewhat avalanche safe but it is prime avalanche terrain during winter conditions, and these men were not the first to get caught in a slide here. A sketchy dryski traverse to skier's right bypassed it across some rock slabs. Tour objectives are numerous and include such classics as the Cristo Couloir . 1998. Rank, elevation, date and route skied, and partners are all included. Snow only covered a small portion of the couloir and it was a bit unconsolidated at that. There are no major population centers nearby and no ski resorts located anywhere in the range though a nice heliskiing outfit, , flies people out to some big lines in the range and some of their knowledgeable guides were willing to talk to me when I called to . From Redstone Colorado, where I was l Terminal Cancer is a strikingly narrow ski chute located in the remote Ruby Mountains of Nevada. Some pitches are steeper around 35 degrees, but the overall couloir is huge with many possibilities. Backcountry Skiing and Ski Touring: Rocky Mountain Guides ski tours in the Dillon Ranger District as well as in the South Platte Ranger District. Sangre de Cristo Range 200. We played Pachinko again yesterday. . Easily accessible from Salt Lake City, the terrain varies from mellow meadow skipping to steep technical couloirs. 970-618-2054. Audubon, Crooked Couloir, 1999 Mt. Summit: Lundin Peak (ascent via South CouloirWest Ridge; descent via East RidgeSouth Couloir) Approximate Stats: 10 miles traveled; 3400 feet gained & lost; 4.8 hours up; 2.4 hours down. Adams SW Chutes, Mt. . Here is an excellent description for the "Inwood Arete" route up the northeast face boats four pitches of 5.0-5.4 slabbing, followed by some exciting class 3 scrambling.

. Baronette Mountain, North Couloir (complete free descent) - Glacier National Park, MT. 35 Horn Peak-East Face 202. Dragontail Peak. This also makes for a good, steep ski descent. Quandary Peak - Cristo Couloir by ryanbadtke: 04/19/2014. Natalie and I were fighting our own battles in that couloir due to climbing in ski boots on loose, steep scree. Mount Hunter, West Ridge/ Ramen Couloir (4th ski descent, only ascent of the season) Mount Frances, East Ridge. After a brief headlamp stroll to timberline, I stopped for a food and water break at quarter-mile-long South Colony lake. The Lightning Bolt Couloir on Cardiac Ridge On booting up the lookers left chute (Thunderstruck) I realized I was a bit too late. The Central Wasatch better known as Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood canyon offers up some of the finest backcountry skiing in the lower 48. About the descent: After letting the sun bake the snow for about a half hour, the cold firm wind buff turned into mashed potatoes. Columns can be sorted with the arrows at the top and links to trip reports from each day are also included (off-site link) where one is available. It is also considered one of the better and easier to access back-country ski descents in the state. Quandary Peak has good road access all winter long. Mid-descent on Memorial 5, borderline late for work. But, my ideas were on the long side of a day and Larry was battling quite the cold. Quandary Peak Ski Descent . Colorado, Chaffee County . Colorado ski alpinism is characterized by many high altitude ski options. Quandary Peak is home to four well-established ski routes: the East Bowl, Cristo Couloir, the North Gullies and the North Couloir. Route: East Ridge Posted On: 2022-05-12, By: takelifeoutside Info: Started out at 7am, conditions still require spikes. . 33 Huron Peak-East Face 191. 5 hrs car to car. . First descent SW Ridge Peak 12,200 in the Alaska Range. Farther east down the ridge from the summit is a narrower couloir that Chris Davenport descended in January, 2006, as part of his Ski the 14ers project. Of course drifting and snow fall totals can alter this range slightly. At the upper . Peaks marked with an asterisk are his known first summit ski-descents of six peaks: Little Bear Peak, Crestone Peak, Capitol Peak, La Plata Peak, South Maroon Peak, Snowmass Mountain. Description: My personal favorite 14er ski descent. and for a full and text only list of all Trip Reports Click . A bullying wind propelled jaunty, white-crested waves across the water, sieved through my fleece jacket and chilled my damp skin. Mt. Cristo Couloir is actually closer to one mile in length with elevation gain of over 2,000 ft . The "Monte Cristo" Couloir, or Cristo Couloir, is a long popular 40 degree South facing Spring line off of Quandary Peak. I'll look into Queens Way. The ascent can be accomplished by an experienced mountaineer in 3-5 hours and the ski descent in 1-2 hours. Friday, July 1, 2022. Brecken, CO. The Mount Wilson Massiff. Elbert. Toll, SE Face, 2000 12. Cadet Peak (7186 ft) Columbia Peak (7172 ft) Del Campo Peak (6610 ft) . Included a pic of Cristo couloir I got by accident because there happened to be goats in the way. Email from Haire to Lowell Skoog. Cristo Couloir is a popular, wide-open couloir on the south face of Quandary and is arguably one of the best backcountry ski descents in Colorado.

Route: Cristo Couloir: Other Descents: none: . 36 Mount Lindsey-North Couloir 207. tagged: Summit County, Tenmile Range . As far as Dawson could ascertain, all remaining peaks had been skied at one time or another before he got to them. Crystal Mountain Backcountry. By now all 54 "Fourteeners" in Colorado have been skied, many by extreme lines, but this route, situated 10 miles back in the Maroon Bells Wilderness, still reigns as a king-daddy descent . Rank Date Peak Elevation Range Route 101 9/14/13 Niagara Pk 13,807 ft San Juan east ridge 102 9/14/13 American Pk 13,806 ft San Juan west ridge from Jones Mtn 103 9/4/11 Trinity Pk 13,805 ft San Juan Trinity Traverse 104 9/3/11 Arrow Pk 13,803 ft San Juan northeast face 105 9/24/19 "Castleabra" 13,803 ft Elk west face 106 10/6/19 Organ. Email from Crawshaw to Lowell Skoog. After traversing South for about 150 feet, we found our line of choice: a series of gullies that leads into a tighter rock band, back into the open face, through another rock band, and . (avalanche Read More Difficult Ski Touring Distance 3.5 km Ascent 18 m Descent 1.1 km 4.2 km away God's Lawnmower This is the huge avalanche path that's visible from the road on the N slope of Kessler Peak. Historical note about slope angles: In the formative days of extreme skiing it was all about slope angle, as most descents were done on open slopes or wider couloirs where angle was the determining factor of difficulty. Virtual 360 Pacific Peak Fletcher Mountain Atlantic Peak Crystal Peak Info: Ski descent of Quandary today. It has a rich history of steep ski descents and classic alpine climbs.

+. This route gains 2400 feet in just over a mile. You park at 10,900' and the summit is only 3300' and 3 miles above you. If you choose the south side couloirs, be . Monday March 20, 2017 10:04am. Our objective was to climb the east ridge, a mellow tour to the top, and then ski the Cristo Couloir which drops off the summit. March 1989 Sangre de Cristo mountains, Colorado. With 4 inches of fresh snow and a nonexistent wind, we thought we'd have perfect conditions for a safe powder descent of this famous . Lit pink by the dawn, a train of cuticle . 34 Ice Mountain-Refrigerator Couloir 196. A stash is a sought-after untouched pocket of powder. Read more The couloir was safe enough but definitely a bit demoralizing as it was littered with scree. Box Creek Couloir (class 2+/moderate snow)- This mellow to moderate snow climb on the east face of Colorado's tallest mountain provides the most challenging way to climb Mt. tagged: Summit County, Tenmile Range . 19 oct 2002 Mt Hood, ice climbing conditions on the south side, OR. Backcountry guru Fritz Sperry covers each route in depth with his . Sherman (14,036) Mosquito South Slopes Jon Osterbrock, Ben Conners Yes 3/22/09 Torreys Peak (14,267) Front Dead Dog Couloir . For ease of access to a fourteen thousand foot peak, Quandary is tough to beat. 32 Mount of the Holy Cross-Cross Couloir 185. Backcountry Skiing Mount Timpanogos Cold Fusion & Grunge Couloirs are two of the most awesome ski experiences in the Wasatch.